NetDEF to present IS-IS HomeNet at IETF 93

Network Device Education Foundation, Inc. (NetDEF), is pleased to announce that it will be presenting a demonstration of the IS-IS HomeNet implementation in Quagga at the 93rd IETF on Thursday, July 23, 2015 during the IETF Bits-N-Bites.

The demo will include features such as:
IS-IS running over IPv6 link-local addresses
Multicast device discovery via Multicast HELLO messages
Redistribution of both static and directly connected routes
Arbitrary plug’n’play functionality (cold boots, cable pulls).

The IS-IS HomeNet implementation has been done in both C and Erlang and both will be demonstrated.

About the IETF Bits-N-Bites:

Bits-N-Bites is focused on Internet standards, technology and related subjects. Nearly 1,200 engineers, computer scientists and academicians, who are in the forefront of developing standards for the continuing expansion and robustness of the Internet from more than 40 countries and leading corporations worldwide, will meet at IETF 93 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Exhibitors, product vendors, and service providers will be able to share information and showcase products and services to IETF community in a social setting with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

About the Network Device Education Foundation:

The Network Device Education Foundation, Inc, is a federally recognized 501c3 corporation providing needed assistance to the networking community through training, testing and via the support of open source software.

NetDEF at Open Compute U.S. Summit 2015



Steven Noble will be representing The Network Device Education Foundation at the Open Compute U.S Summit on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 11th and 12th.

There are a few ways that NetDEF is involved in OCP Networking:

1.) Testing and maintaining a Open Routing Stack in Quagga

2.) Testing devices that are part of the OCP ONIE Certified Hardware List.

If you or your company are interested in sponsoring, volunteering or finding out more about NetDEF or its projects such as Open Source Routing, Router Analysis or SDN Testing, please reach out on twitter to @sonoble or locate Steven on at the conference.

Router Analysis is now part of NetDEF

As of January 1st, 2015, Router Analysis is a project of The Network Device Education Foundation, Inc.

Started in 2011, Router Analysis provides unbiased information, reviews and testing of hardware network devices such as routers and switches.

The Router Analysis Project is lead by Steven Noble who has over 20 years of experience with Routers, Switches, Networks and Systems.  He was most recently the CTO at Sideband Networks.  Previously Steven worked at XDN, Cisco Systems, Procket Networks and Exodus Communications.

The Router Analysis Project consists of the following sites:

Router Analysis

Switch Analysis

SDN Testing

OpenSourceRouting to Exhibit at Open Networking Summit 2014


OpenSourceRouting will be exhibiting at Open Networking Summit 2014 from March 3rd-5th. OpenSourceRouting will be in booth A-8.

The demonstration will show a fully functional network design featuring Quagga running OSPF and BGP: Quagga is shown both as a pure software router using the underlining Linux kernel for forwarding on a standard PC and as a high-end distributed router with an OpenFlow based switch for forwarding.

Complete Network Setup:



Quagga as part of a distributed platform:

The RA Reference Controller running Vandervecken to control a Pica8 3280 switch using OpenFlow 1.3



Quagga as a software router:

Demonstration of Quagga as the core of a software router using the linux kernel for forwarding. Quagga is run on a Soekris Net 5501.


This year OpenSourceRouting will celebrate it’s 3rd year of being a part of the Open Network Summit.  The first two years as a part of the RouteFlow project and this year as a stand alone presenter.

NetDEF Takes Ownership of The OpenSourceRouting Project

opensourcerouting_mascot_and_blacktext_belowThe Network Device Education Foundation (NetDEF) recently took over ownership of the OpenSourceRouting (OSR) project started at ISC. With the project came the charter of sponsoring a maintainer, testing, developing and bug fixing for Quagga, an open source routing stack.

Martin Winter, co-founder of NetDEF recently gave an exclusive interview to Roy Chua of SDNCentral about OSR.

We at NetDEF are happy to have the opportunity to continue this important project.

Excerpt from the interview with SDNCentral:

Winter: Quagga is an open-source-licensed (GPLv2) routing stack. It is an implementation of IP routing protocols such as RIP, RIPng, OSPF and ISIS. I want to make the clear distinction of a routing stack compared to a full router implementation. For a full router, you need traffic forwarding and a routing stack. Quagga only implements the routing protocols. It can be run with Linux and can use the standard Linux kernel for forwarding (as software router), or it could be connected to a distributed forwarding platform using OpenFlow or any other open or proprietary interface (as a high-end distributed router). It could also be used just for the routing protocols to interface with off-the shelf routers to receive and announce routes.

Quagga evolved out of the Zebra routing code approximately 10 years ago. Zebra, as a public project, is abandoned, but it continues as a commercial solution with IP Infusion as ZebOS.