OpenSourceRouting to Exhibit at Open Networking Summit 2014

OpenSourceRouting to exhibit at ONS 2014


OpenSourceRouting will be exhibiting at Open Networking Summit 2014 from March 3rd-5th. OpenSourceRouting will be in booth A-8.

The demonstration will show a fully functional network design featuring Quagga running OSPF and BGP: Quagga is shown both as a pure software router using the underlining Linux kernel for forwarding on a standard PC and as a high-end distributed router with an OpenFlow based switch for forwarding.

Complete Network Setup:



Quagga as part of a distributed platform:

The RA Reference Controller running Vandervecken to control a Pica8 3280 switch using OpenFlow 1.3



Quagga as a software router:

Demonstration of Quagga as the core of a software router using the linux kernel for forwarding. Quagga is run on a Soekris Net 5501.


This year OpenSourceRouting will celebrate it’s 3rd year of being a part of the Open Network Summit.  The first two years as a part of the RouteFlow project and this year as a stand alone presenter.

NetDEF Takes Ownership of The OpenSourceRouting Project

NetDEF Takes Ownership of The OpenSourceRouting Project

opensourcerouting_mascot_and_blacktext_belowThe Network Device Education Foundation (NetDEF) recently took over ownership of the OpenSourceRouting (OSR) project started at ISC. With the project came the charter of sponsoring a maintainer, testing, developing and bug fixing for Quagga, an open source routing stack.

Martin Winter, co-founder of NetDEF recently gave an exclusive interview to Roy Chua of SDNCentral about OSR.

We at NetDEF are happy to have the opportunity to continue this important project.

Excerpt from the interview with SDNCentral:

Winter: Quagga is an open-source-licensed (GPLv2) routing stack. It is an implementation of IP routing protocols such as RIP, RIPng, OSPF and ISIS. I want to make the clear distinction of a routing stack compared to a full router implementation. For a full router, you need traffic forwarding and a routing stack. Quagga only implements the routing protocols. It can be run with Linux and can use the standard Linux kernel for forwarding (as software router), or it could be connected to a distributed forwarding platform using OpenFlow or any other open or proprietary interface (as a high-end distributed router). It could also be used just for the routing protocols to interface with off-the shelf routers to receive and announce routes.

Quagga evolved out of the Zebra routing code approximately 10 years ago. Zebra, as a public project, is abandoned, but it continues as a commercial solution with IP Infusion as ZebOS.

NetDEF Keeps Moving Forward

We have not had a lot to say recently as all of our time has been concentrated on finalizing the corporation and raising funds.  While we would like to be able to update everyone on our progress, it is still too early.  We expect to launch sometime before October 27th, 2013, the 6 month anniversary of the official founding of the Network Device Education Foundation, Inc.

We currently have two projects that we are working with:

The Router Analysis project, where we will be taking over the content and work that Router Analysis has been doing and continuing it under the NetDEF non-profit organization.

An unannounced open source project that will be our main focus at this time.

We thank you for following along on our journey.  If you would like to be involved you can send us email, drop us a note on this site, or meet with one of us at events worldwide such as the Asian Peering Forum, starting next week (the 19th of September), RIPE (middle of October) or NANOG (beginning of October).

At any event, or if you see us around, you can grab either Me, Steven Noble or Martin Winter and strike up a conversation.

Martin Winter at RIPE 66 – BoF/WG OpenSource

Martin Winter one of the original board members and founders of The Network Device Education Foundation will be talking about OpenSource projects and starting a Working Group for OpenSource at RIPE 66 in Dublin Ireland.

Feel free to talk to him about any OpenSource projects.  Funding questions, struggles you are having, etc. are all good topics.  We at NetDEF are looking to support the OpenSource community and educate the general public about OpenSource projects.

The Birth of the Network Device Education Foundation

On February 27th, 2013, the Network Device Education Foundation, Inc. a not-for-profit entity was formed.

The goal of NetDEF is simple:

Provide support for the Networking Community Good involving Training, Testing and Development.

We will:

Give training classes on Open Source products and Product Testing.

Provide equipment and funding to qualified individuals and organizations working on Open Source product Development.

Provide unbiased and uninfluenced testing information about products that interact with the Open Source projects that we are interacting with.

Projects We Have Supported:

RouteFlow: software modification, testing and donation of a Pica8 3290 to CPqD in Brazil.

Current Status:

The corporation and board has been formed and 501(c)3 status has been applied for.