Using the NetDEF CI system for your FRRouting development and testing

NetDEF runs and maintains the main CI system for FRRouting since the beginning (and previously the CI for Quagga). If you are developing for FRRouting in public or private, we are happy to be able to help you testing your code.

Our CI Infrastructure is based on Atlassian Bamboo. We build code on natively on Intel x86, i386, arm7 and arm8 for various versions of Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and OmniOS (Solaris).

Our system consists mainly of

  • short tests (Pull Requests)
    • build on most platforms
    • simple test of each protocol
    • simulation of various topologies
    • static analysis
  • normal tests (Merges of Pull Requests)
    • same as short tests
    • additional platforms/distributions
    • single pass RFC compliance tests of most protocols on Linux
  • long tests (Release candidates and releases)
    • same as normal tests
    • multiple RFC compliance test runs (for stability) on Linux & FreeBSD
    • various other tests as needed

CI Services

The following services are possible:

  1. Clone of official FRR CI testplan, triggered by updates of your Git. The CI testplan could be private or public visible. This would require access to a public or private (vie SSH keys) git.
  2. Adding additional OS / Distribution to public testplan. We could integrate your distribution into the main public (or a private) testplan to build and test whenever the public FRR is updated.
  3. Add tests on your virtual (or physical) platform and integrate them into the FRR Testplan. We could run the same tests (including all the RFC compliance tests) on your platform. We are happy to assist and have experience in building tests based on the topotest setup or using dedicated network test equipment (ie Ixia IxNetwork for some protocol scale or performance tests)
  4. Setup a similar CI test infrastructure in your own intranet

This list is not meant to be exhaustive, we are happy to discuss any other potential interests you may have.


The base annual service cost is $60K plus additional costs dependent on the scope of the mutually agreed test plan.

Contact Us

Contact us at info(at) to discuss your needs.